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A new furniture purchase is exciting—until you’re gazing at hundreds of parts scattered over the floor, attempting to distinguish a box nail from a common nail, and giving up on an instruction manual’s never-ending instructions. It might be difficult to put together furniture, but it’s simple to hire one of the top furniture assembly services to save the hassle. That’s where we come in! At Andrews Installation Group, we specialize in Peoria furniture assembly. Our experienced team can assemble all different kinds of furniture, leaving you with time to take care of other important tasks on your moving day.

For both difficult works—like a multipart desk or workout equipment—and relatively minor jobs, like a kitchen stool or coffee table, several furniture assembly businesses provide on-site or in-home assembly. As an added bonus, some merchants could even let consumers reserve assembly services at the time of purchase. Furniture assembly experts have the equipment and knowledge to offer further assurance that the pieces are built securely and correctly. 

In this article, we’ll go over what to consider when choosing the right furniture assembly services. Plus, we’ll answer some moving FAQs. If you have additional questions or want to schedule your furniture assembly with us, call us at (602) 334-7912 or send an email to landrews@andrewsinstall.com. We’re happy to help with your furniture assembly in Peoria!

Benefits of Professional Furniture Assembly Services

It can be tempting to handle Peoria furniture assembly on your own. But here are some of the reasons to consider working with a professional furniture assembly team instead.

  • Leave the assembly to the experts to save time and free up the consumer from having to do it themselves. Services for furniture assembly come with some of the following advantages. 
  • experienced assemblers with the abilities, know-how, and resources on hand to put whatever parts together. 
  • Guarantees on labor quality and technician liability provide customers peace of mind that things will be assembled correctly and securely. 
  • Customers are spared the effort and worry of reading through complicated instruction manuals, freeing them up to enjoy their new furnishings.

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What to Consider When Selecting the Best Furniture Assembly Services

When you buy furniture from an online or physical online furniture retailer, a box full of components rather than an entire piece of furniture may soon show up at your door. Online searches for "how to build a desk," "how to construct a bed," and potentially even "TV stand assembly service near me" could result from that. Many large businesses and handyman services offer furniture assembly services and will come to a person's house to assemble any goods. Consider criteria other than pricing to choose the ideal expert or business for the job, including the simplicity of scheduling, retail relationships, technician liability insurance, and more. 

Schedule and Service Area 

Numerous companies that assemble furniture are widely available nationwide. However, a customer should make sure the company they are thinking about offers services specifically for their ZIP code. Some companies may just be in the metro area of one state even though they claim to be reachable in that state. Most providers include a ZIP code search tool so that users may see if a service is available in their neighborhood.  Numerous furniture assembly companies provide online or mobile app scheduling for their services as an extra convenience. Furthermore, a number of these digital or mobile platforms allow potential customers to quickly get in touch with an expert or customer service person to answer any questions, which may be very useful when determining which business to utilize.

Retailer Collaborations 

Many brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers might provide furniture assembly as an added service at the time of purchase thanks to partnerships with furniture assembly companies. Service providers have experience assembling certain furniture brands as a result of their commercial agreements. Customers will also find it more convenient to purchase the furniture all at once and hire specialists to assemble it. 

Pricing Structure 

Different furniture assembly companies have various pricing models. Some may charge a flat amount per item of furniture or an hourly rate. Discounts may be available when customers place several orders for products to be built simultaneously. Service providers that charge by the hour may be required to perform a minimum amount of hours.  The full cost will consequently be borne by the customer, even if the work doesn't take very long. This might result in higher prices for smaller assembly operations. The vendors may provide price quotations or even advance pricing promises, and the fee structures for the services should be transparent.

Supplemental Services 

Beyond only assembling furniture, several businesses also provide services like garbage disposal. These services could be useful if a client has to replace an old piece of furniture and needs to move the old piece to create a way for the new one.  Some firms that assemble furniture could also provide relocation aid, such as packing or unpacking services. Customers who use these supplementary services may find it useful to manage several appointments on one platform, maybe all at the same appointment time. 

Insurance for Technicians 

Setting up furniture or managing large, hefty goods might lead to accidents. The technician and the customer are further protected by liability insurance in the event that something goes wrong during the assembling procedure. Additionally, many businesses could provide a labor guarantee, promising to stand behind any work done by their personnel and providing no-cost repairs in the event that any mistakes are made. 

Policy on Cancellations 

Life sometimes throws curveballs, necessitating the need to postpone or cancel appointments. If you need to impromptu cancel an appointment, have a look at the business' cancellation policies. In some circumstances, even if appointments are canceled 24 hours in advance, clients can still be required to pay the bill—or a portion of it.

Peoria Furniture Assembly FAQs 

Furniture assembly businesses may make the process of putting things together easier. Take a look at the responses to some often-asked questions regarding choosing a business. 

Where can I get workers to put my furniture together? 

Services for assembling furniture are widely accessible nationally. Some stores may provide furniture assembly as an extra service at the time of purchase because they have relationships with firms that assemble furniture. A consumer may request a professional from some of the top furniture assembly services via the company's website or mobile app. Other businesses could compile a list of neighboring service providers to provide clients additional options for who they wish to contact for a certain activity. 

How much does IKEA charge to assemble furniture? 

If assembling your new IKEA component yourself doesn't appeal to you, there are businesses ready to assist. Customers should budget between $80 and $100 on average for the assembling of IKEA furniture. However, prices vary based on what has to be put together. For instance, the average price of a bed ranges from $63 to $127, while the price of a wardrobe is from $150 to $225. Pricing may vary based on the size, complexity, and location of the customer. People will feel more confident knowing that nothing will go wrong when using the furniture, especially if there are children around, so hiring a professional to put all of the components of the furniture together is a great idea. Furniture is used in everyday life and should be safe to use. Andrew Installation Group delivers everything needed for high-quality, secure, and professional assembly that is cost-effective and provides dependable service. 

Why Choose Andrews Installation Group?

With so many furniture movers out there, why choose Andrews Installation Group for your furniture assembly needs in Peoria? Here are just a few of the things you can expect to enjoy when working with our team.

Professional Peoria Furniture Assembly — Andrews Installation Group

The best part is that Andrews Installation Group quickly and easily assembles your brand-new piece of furniture while providing you with the quality you want, saving you time and stress. When you next Peoria furniture assembly, keep an eye out for our team! Contact Andrews Installation Group today to learn more about our services and schedule your furniture assembly!