Moving in the Winter: Pros and Cons

Moving in the Winter - Pros and Cons

Moving is a stressful endeavor. Whether you are downsizing, upsizing, or just relocating to a new area, there are many factors to consider when deciding when to move. One of those factors is the season. While summer and spring are more popular months for moving, winter can also be a great time to move—if you know what you’re getting into. Despite the weather being undesirable (depending on where you live, of course!), there are undoubtedly some benefits to moving during colder seasons. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of moving in the wintertime. 

Pros of Moving in the Winter

Wintertime in Arizona is a little bit different than in most states. While the northern part of Arizona gets considerable snowfall, central and southern Arizona enjoy cooler weather and bright, sunny skies. For that reason alone, many people in Arizona prefer to move in the wintertime. However, these benefits can extend Here are just some of the reasons why planning your relocation in the wintertime is a good idea. 

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Less Expensive

One major benefit of moving during the winter is that it is typically cheaper than other times of the year. Since most people around the country choose to move during warmer months, there can be less competition for rental trucks and movers, which means you may have a better chance of getting discounted rates. Additionally, because most people would prefer to stay put during colder weather, you may also find it easier to book your desired dates for large items like truck rentals or storage units. 

Moving Company Availability and Pricing

Depending on where you live (and whether wintertime is a slow or busy moving season), another advantage is that professional movers may have more availability so you can get a better rate on their services as well. And because there’s less competition for movers and rentals during this time, it’s easier to find a good deal on both services. 

Escape the Heat!

If you live in Arizona, you know that our summers can get hot—really hot! Wintertime brings great relief to those who have been subject to temperatures in the 100s. But even if you don’t live in Arizona, wintertime is a great escape from the heat. Not only does this allow you to experience some fun winter activities, but it also makes moving a less strenuous experience—especially if you have a trustworthy moving company at your side!

Cons of Moving in the Winter 

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to moving during the wintertime too. The weather can play a major factor in making your move difficult, and some people just prefer to schedule their move during warmer months to avoid the cold. Here are some of the drawbacks of moving in the wintertime. 

Weather Conditions and Safety

Snow and ice can make things slippery and wet outside, which makes loading and unloading difficult for both yourself and any professional movers that may be helping you out with your relocation process. Take into consideration any safety risks that might be involved with moving in these conditions. If you are moving with kids or elderly family members, it might not be a good idea to risk those icy sidewalks. 

Possibility for Delays

If you have scheduled your move during the winter, keep in mind that the weather may impact your moving company’s ability to arrive on time. Road conditions may make it unsafe for teams to be sent out. Be sure to have a backup moving date scheduled in case your movers can’t make it due to weather conditions. 

Additionally, cold weather can cause delays with flights as well as shipping products, so if you plan on ordering items online they may arrive later than expected due to inclement weather conditions.  

Potential Damage to Your Belongings

Rain, snow, and ice can pose a serious risk not only to your safety, but to your belongings’ safety as well. If water seeps into any bags or cardboard boxes, you risk getting water damage. In some cases, this damage is permanent, and some items are irreplaceable. If you’re moving during a particularly wet season, be sure to pack your items in waterproof bags and plastic boxes (instead of cardboard).  

Holiday Schedules

There’s no doubt that the holiday season is hectic, and adding a relocation to the mix can make things even more stressful. If you do decide to move in the winter, make sure you plan around the holidays so you’ll still have time to see your family and friends. Also keep in mind that many moving companies will have limited holiday hours, which may impact your moving schedule.

School Schedules

If you’re moving with kids, you should also consider how moving in the winter may affect their school schedules. Most schools give students at least two weeks off for the holidays, but this may create a tight schedule if your moving company has to reschedule the moving date. To avoid scheduling conflicts, and to give your child more time to acclimate to the new neighborhood and school, it might be a better idea to move in the summer. 

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Thinking of Moving in the Wintertime? 

There are pros and cons associated with moving in the wintertime like any other season. If you decide to move during this time period, it’s important to plan ahead by researching local rental prices, checking availability with professional movers, and keeping an eye on the forecast so that you’re prepared for any potential weather-related delays or issues while loading/unloading your belongings into your new home, office, or storage facility. Keep all these tips in mind when deciding if winter is the best season for your upcoming move!

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