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Residential & Commercial Furniture Installation in Phoenix

Professional Furniture Installation in Phoenix

Moving day is exciting for homeowners and business owners alike. You’ve finally secured a new place and bought new furniture to go with it. But how will you make sure all your belongings safely arrive at the new location? You could spend time and money renting trailers (and maybe bribe your family and friends to help you move), or you could hire professionals to take care of your furniture installation in Phoenix!

At Andrews Installation Group, our team makes sure your move goes as smoothly as possible. We are a full-service moving company boasting nearly 20 years of experience with furniture installation in Phoenix. Our track record of quality service and customer satisfaction speaks for itself! So whether you need professional furniture delivery, assembly, installation, storage, and more, we’re the go-to company for the job. 

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How does furniture installation work?

Furniture installation involves placing your new furniture exactly where you want it to go, whether you have a specific plan in mind or are just going with the flow. Either way, we’ll have a dedicated project manager work with you from start to finish to make sure you are satisfied with the furniture placement. If you don’t have a specific layout in mind, we can work with you to offer suggestions and make your new space as comfortable and inviting as possible. 

Sometimes, installation requires assembly beforehand. We will fully assemble couches, chairs, desks, tables, and more so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. After we’re done assembling and installing your furniture, we’ll clean the area so your new space is ready for move-in.

Why You Should Hire Professionals
for Furniture Installation in Phoenix

These days, homeowners and business owners alike try to save money by moving into a new space on their own. But when it comes time to recruit enough manpower, rent trailers, and coordinate the move, you’ll probably wish you left it to the professionals instead! Professional movers have all the knowledge and equipment to make your move as seamless as possible. Plus, companies like Andrews Installation Group also offer furniture assembly and installation so you don’t have to worry about configuring your space. 

Professional moving companies offer convenience, safety, reliability, and much more—all of which add up to a stress-free move. Here are just some of the benefits of hiring Andrews Installation Group for furniture installation in Phoenix.

Benefits of Hiring
Professional Movers

Quality Service

At Andrews Installation Group, we pride ourselves on quality service. We take extra care to pack your belongings safely and securely and deliver them on time. Our team is highly trained and experienced with moving a variety of household and office furniture items. We strive to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

Years of Experience

If you’re moving to a new home, you might be tempted to call on your friends and family for help. However, keep in mind that nothing can compare to the years of experience that our movers have in the business. We know how to streamline the process so you can move into your new space as quickly as possible. 

Professional Delivery and Installation

If you’ve assembled furniture before, you know how involved the process can be. And during your move, you’re focused on other things like setting up the space--not assembling furniture piece by piece! That’s where we come in. Our team can assemble any piece of furniture, including couches, office chairs, conference tables, and more. We also install your pieces exactly where you want them, saving you the hassle of moving heavy furniture around by yourself. 


When you trust a professional for furniture installation in Phoenix, you’re guaranteed safety throughout the entire process. We carefully package, load, deliver, assemble, and install your furniture so there is less risk of damage or injury. Because of our experience, we can assure a safe process for all parties involved. 

Peace of Mind

Most importantly, professional movers bring you convenience and peace of mind. With all the planning that goes into a home or office move, we hope you’ll feel better knowing that we handle furniture delivery and installation from start to finish.  Professional movers bring a sense of security and convenience to any move. Even though you might think you can do the move yourself, we recommend hiring professionals who have years of experience with furniture installation in Phoenix. So when you’re ready for your next move, Andrews Installation Group is just a phone call away! Related Article: DIY Vs Professional Furniture Delivery

Benefits of Furniture Installation

Now that you’ve bought new furniture, you might be tempted to install it on your own once it’s delivered. How hard can it be, right? As confident as you may be in your ability to assemble and install furniture, you may end up wishing you hired a professional to install it instead. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional for furniture installation in Phoenix. 

Full-Service Delivery 

At Andrews Installation Group, we offer full-service delivery and furniture installation. This means we’ll pick up your new furniture from the dealer (or collect the furniture from your old location) and deliver it right to your new home or office. This saves you the hassle of renting trailers to move it yourself. 

Full Assembly and Installation

We also offer full assembly and installation of your new furniture. Once we arrive at your new location, our movers will get to work assembling furniture like tables, chairs, dressers, cabinets, and more. We have the tools and knowledge to assemble your new furniture quickly and accurately so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. After the assembly is finished, we’ll install your furniture exactly where you want it. We can also make suggestions in case you haven’t quite figured out where your furniture should go. 

Post-Installation Cleanup

After we’re done assembling and installing your new furniture, we’ll make sure to clean the area so it’s move-in ready. We can even dispose of old furniture that you no longer want to keep. Move-in day is stressful, but we can save you the hassle of cleaning up so you can focus on getting your new home or office ready.

How to Prepare for Moving Day

When moving day arrives, you’ll want to be completely prepared so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. We’ve prepared a list of tips you can reference as you prepare for your furniture to be delivered and installed. 

About Andrews Installation Group

For almost 20 years, Andrews Installation Group has been the go-to choice for furniture installation in Phoenix. We are a full-service moving company that specializes in commercial and residential furniture delivery and installation. We provide moving services for all of your belongings, whether they are office furniture pieces or home appliances. When it’s time for your next move, you can count on Andrews Installation Group to deliver and install your furniture safely and on time.  Our clients trust us time and time again with their new furniture. We have a track record of top-notch service and are proud of our 5-star reviews. If you need furniture installation in Phoenix, you’ve found the right movers for the job! Call us at 602-334-7912 or contact us online to schedule your next move. We look forward to helping you move in!

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