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Furniture Installation Tempe

Need Your Furniture Installed?

Installing furniture in your new office can be a stressful experience, especially if you are trying to do it all by yourself. There are many factors you must align to make sure the move and installation both go smoothly. Did you adequately collaborate with everyone involved? Did you conduct all the required research to prevent any installation issues? Did you choose a trusted moving company to work with, or are you involving your team to help? With all these questions to think about, it may be a good idea to consider hiring a moving company to help with commercial furniture installation in Tempe. 

That’s where we come in! Andrews Installation Group has years of experience with commercial furniture installation in Arizona. To schedule your installation, call us at (602) 334-7912 or send us an email at landrews@andrewsinstall.com. We look forward to helping your installation go smoothly!

Tips for Stress-Free Furniture Installation

It goes without saying that there is always a potential that anything might go wrong, regardless of how well you may have planned. But you can at least take the required actions to increase your chances of success. 

Here are some considerations to make both before and on installation day. 

  • Confirm your installation date. To avoid any problems, double-check every aspect of the appointment before installation day. If something were to go awry, having a copy of the confirmation email on hand would always be helpful. 
  • Remove all of the current furnishings. You don’t want old furniture and appliances to still be in the room when the installation team comes to set up. 
  • Examine the workplace in advance. Before installation day, it’s a good idea to survey the area to look for staircases or layouts that might not match the information you have. 
  • Let the staff know. Make sure the existing employees are thoroughly informed prior to installation day if you are performing installations at a workplace where they already work. This will help to guarantee that they are prepared. 
  • Coordinate your teams. It’s possible that other tradespeople will be working on-site when you wish to install new furniture. To prevent any overlaps, coordination between them is essential.

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Issues With Do-It-Yourself Furniture Installation

You may believe that assembling furniture is rather simple; you may have even put together a desk or chair in the past. Even though there are some immediate cost savings, it is advisable to leave a large office installation to the experts. 

These are some of the issues that might occur if you choose to install items yourself: 

  • Injuries to employees brought on by inexperience. 
  • You may lose time and money if your equipment or technology is damaged. 
  • Additional problems might result in expenditures for your company that could have been avoided. 
  • Any injuries sustained during installation are covered by workers’ compensation. 
  • additional fees for any additional repairs or replacement of damaged furniture.

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Should you Work with a Moving Company in Tempe?

Office furniture is frequently large, ungainly, and quite heavy, which may make installation challenging. Unskilled employees handling this equipment run the risk of scratching or damaging the surface, both of which can be expensive to fix or replace.  Hiring a specialist in office furniture can give you peace of mind since you'll know they can handle the furniture with skill and care. Your furniture will be appropriately assembled by these installers using the necessary methods and equipment, ensuring that it will operate as intended and endure longer than if it were done improperly. 

What Makes a Professional Commercial Furniture Installer Different? 

Many companies are unaware of the advantages that a commercial furniture installer may provide. They frequently believe that cubicles can be quickly put together and workers may resume their jobs, but this is not always the case. Office furniture is designed to fit together exactly as units; when there are several pieces, planning is required. Installers with experience can rapidly put everything together and make it ready for your team. As you prepare to make your decision, take into account the following advantages if you are thinking about hiring an expert: 

What aspects of furniture installation require special attention? 

Why Choose Andrews Installation Group?

Office furniture installation and assembly in Tempe may be difficult processes that take valuable time away from your staff when you should be concentrating on getting your business back up and running. The amount of time it takes to set up your new workplace may be significantly decreased by hiring experienced and qualified specialists to perform office furniture installation and assembly services. To have your new office setup in place as quickly as possible, Andrews Installation Group can provide you with office furniture installation services in Tempe thanks to our wealth of knowledge.  Andrews Installation Group reconfigures and installs systems and modular office furniture for business clients. In fact, we pride ourselves on being experts in furniture installation. Our skilled moving teams are well-versed in the takedown, setup, and light carpentry work associated with installing modular furniture. Whether you are moving your workplace or just need a firm to come in and install and rearrange your furniture, we offer furniture installation services to suit your needs. As furniture installers, we provide the following to our business clients:  Knowledge: Our highly qualified staff have a thorough understanding of the particular procedures and recommended methods for installing modular office furniture.  Service Area: For office moving and modular furniture installation needs, Andrews Installation Group offers statewide service.  Courteous Staff: In addition to always being informed and competent, our furniture installers are also kind and respectful, ensuring that everyone has a good time.  Competitive Pricing: We identify the most cost-effective solution for your furniture installation needs by working with your budget and timeframes.  With the help of our knowledgeable furniture installers, you’ll have a smooth, stress-free move. To discuss your furniture installation needs, get in touch with Andrews Installation Group today!

Professional Commercial Furniture Installation in Tempe

Andrews Installation Group has facilitated business moves all around Arizona for more than 15 years. Office furniture installation is one of our full-service moving company's areas of expertise in Tempe, Arizona. Therefore, we can assist you whether you're a business owner seeking to relocate or a furniture dealer in need of installation assistance. Call (602) 334-7912 or email landrews@andrewsinstall.com to arrange your furniture installation in Tempe.